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my daughter needs moving boxes this week--preferably clean and good condition as much of her stuff will be in storage
I'm looking for some pressure treated lumber to repair our deck and possibly extend it. Thank you for looking! Stephen
Looking for a bike for a 10 yr old girl. Does not have to be perfect, as long as it rides. Thank you!
I'm in need of sweet 16 birthday party items for my almost 16 old daughter.
Headed to college and my own apartment. Looking for cooking pots/pans/utensils as well as glasses/bowls/plates.
Need lawn mower preferably working condition. Live on large lot, mostly grass. Husband is in chemo, can't afford to buy a new one right now.
If anyone has an old half wine barrel they don't need anymore, i wold love to have it. I'm fixing up my back yard. Thank you so much!
I need a larger flight cage for my Quaker Parrots. Need to have it delivered. Reply if you have one you no longer need and are willing to donate it to my poor birds. Thank you
Representing blackfoot tribe at my churches international day...I'm a size 14 woman and I will respectfully use the attire in a ceremony we have annually..
I recently had to relocate to a new office. I would like a focus tree to help make it little more "homey". Thanks.
Hello! I'm working on an art display and am in need of curio boxes (those things that people hang on the wall that has many compartments for knick knacks?) Before I needed them, I saw them everywhere, now I'm looking at goodwills and garage sales but so far nothing! If you have some just collecting dust in your garage, I'll gratefully take them off your hands. Thank you!
Cleaning out your freezer? I homecook for my dog who has severe allergies to canned food and kibble, and if anybody has old or freezer-burnt meat they no longer want, I'd be delighted to use it. This will save it from going to the landfill. Just please, it must be raw (can't use hot dogs, lunch meat, etc.) and it can't be seasoned (sausage, etc). Old or freezer-burnt beef, pork, venison, fish, ...
Just starting some wood working projects for new home. Looking for paint (any color) and stains. Thank you!
FREECYCLE Doesn't need to work (ever) I just need props- Musical instruments: guitar, mandolin, sax, trumpet... Small power tools, pocket knives Electronics: Flat screen TV, monitor, cell phone, video game system, stereo, garage remote, earbuds/headphones, 'Collectibles': old looking baseball cards, coins, model cars.. Costume jewelry Sports equipment: tennis rackets, baseball bat, hockey stick...
I am looking for game systems, cell phones, computers, etc preferably working but certain nonworking are OK
Looking for a head support for a car seat, high chair, and baby bath.
I am looking for weights and barbell for a weight bench. Thank you.
Current drying has been malfunctioning. not getting hot, its on its last leg.
We need more canning jars, if you have some unused ones! Thanks.
We need more canning jars, if you have some unused ones! Thanks.
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